The Process

Product Arrives at ABC Plant

Uploading occurs within our drive-in bay. Products are individually placed onto custom metal tooling that is attached to an overhead conveyor system.

From here they move more forward into our Cleaning Station.

NOTE: All Tooling is designed and manufactured in-house.

Clean As A Whistle

Still attached to the conveyor, your product passes through an extensive chemical cleaning system of 7 or 5 stages, depending on the substrate. Both include a final deionized rinse. This pre-treatment ensures a clean phosphated and etched substrate for coating. This is one of the most critical steps in high quality powdercoating. After leaving the final deionized rinse the product travels through a separate dry off oven. This allows us to control the temperature to ensure properly dried parts and to prevent the overheating of difficult parts such as zinc and aluminum die castings.

Powder Meets Metal

After cooling down, your pre-treated product passes through one of our applicator booths. Here the powder is evenly applied to the surface, either by one of our highly trained technicians or with our automatic repricators. Excess powder is contained by the booth and continuously recycled.

Getting Baked

Your product is transported through our infra red preheat section and then forward into our high temperature oven, causing the powder to melt, flow and cure leaving an incredibly durable and attractive finish second to none.

Cool Down Inspection and Return to Sender

The items are now allowed to cool to complete the process. Once cooled, each item is individually inspected and carefully re-packed in our customer's containers and sent back to our satisfied clients. While it may take as little as 2 hours for an item to pass through the entire system, normal PER JOB turnaround is approximately 7 days. Regular scheduling is available and preferred in order to significantly reduce turnaround. Pick up and delivery are also available.

Advantages of Powdercoating

  • Highly chip and scratch resistant
  • Excellent chemical, petroleum and salt resistance
  • A beautiful and uniform quality finish without paint runs
  • The ability to apply a thick, even coating without drips or sags
  • Premium insulating quantities, both electrical and thermal (removes cold metal feeling)
  • Decorative finishes (eg. Hammertone,Antique,Sandtex, Textured) applied in one application
  • Excellent fade resistance to ultraviolet light reduces fading (polyester - polyurethane)
  • The ability to encapsulate products, wrap around corners and help eliminate sharp edges
  • High quality one coat coverage with no primary necessary
  • Can resist abuse in low and high temperature variances
  • Virtually unlimited number of colours and wide variety of finishes available
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