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Standard of Excellence
The ABC Electro Powdercoating Gold Standards
  • Each job will be developed and produced to the client's strictest technical and or/aesthetic specifications
  • We offer expert, knowledgeable service that can only come from years of experience (est.1981)
  • It is our flexibility and creativity that wins over new customers and keeps them for years to come.(A perfect example is our in-house tooling. This reduces tooling time, overhead and cost. It's been a big favourite with customers for years
  • ABC Electro Powdercoating Limited will continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them, on time and every time defect- free products and service. We believe that this is the responsibility of each employee at every level of our organization to give his or her personal committment to achieving the goal of complete customer satisfaction.
When your product requires a finish which will enhance its beauty and increase its durability, ABC Electro Powdercoating should be your first and only choice. Call us for a FREE ESTIMATEand compare!