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ABC Electro Powder Coating Ltd. should be your FIRST & ONLY CHOICE when your product requires a finish to enhance both beauty & increase its durability.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality powder coating possible, refusing to settle for second best. Our dedicated quality system, developed in-house specifically for our our powder coating system, ensures every production product we create is tracked from the time it arrives until it leaves our facility, located south of the 401 in Port Hope, Ontario.

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Our Process

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Clean As A Whistle​

One of the most critical steps in high quality powder coating, cleaning ensures a squeaky clean phosphated and etched substrate for powder coating. The product travels through a separate powder coating dry off oven after leaving the final reverse osmosis rinse.

Parts On Conveyor Being Powder Coated

Powder Meets Metal

After cooling, pretreated product passes into our enclosed powder coating area. The required powder is evenly applied by one of our trained technicians or with automatic reciprocators. Parts are once again quality inspected as they are sprayed.

Parts On Conveyor Being Fired

Return to Sender

After baking in our powder coating convection oven, products are now cooled to complete the powder coating process. Each item is individually inspected and carefully re-packed in our customer’s containers and sent back to our satisfied clients.

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Powder coating is environmentally-friendly, emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds, as well as being energy & material efficient.

ABC Electro Powder Coating Ltd. serves businesses and individuals in Ontario, Quebec and many other provinces with high quality powder coating and metal finishing.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please contact ABC Electro Powder Coating for a free estimate today.