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These are just a few of the products, parts & components we powder coat, contact us today to see how ABC Electro Powder Coating can help improve your company's products!

We pride ourselves on the highest quality powder coating possible, refusing to settle for second best. Our dedicated quality system, developed in-house specifically for our our powder coating system, ensures every production product we create is tracked from the time it arrives until it leaves our facility, located south of the 401 in Port Hope, Ontario.

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ABC Electro Powder Coating Products

ABC Electro Powder Coating Ltd. should be your FIRST & ONLY CHOICE when your product requires a finish to enhance both beauty & increase its durability.

Powder coating can be applied to almost any metal item that can withstand the typical curing conditions of 180 to 220 degrees Celsius for 10–20 minutes, depending on the substrate and if it can fit through our full powder coating system at 42“ high x 32“ wide x 96” long.

ABC Electro Powder Coating Ltd. serves businesses and individuals in Ontario, Quebec and many other provinces with high quality powder coating and metal finishing.

Automotive /
Construction PArts

  • Automotive Parts: Under the hood components, Rims, Bumpers, Running Boards, etc.
  • Motor Cycles: Frames, Fenders, Rims, etc.
  • Die Castings: Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium castings for all industries
  • Construction: Steel Doors & Frames, Tubing & Components

Electronics /
Security Components

  • Computer Components: Large & Small Volume OEM, Cabinets, Covers, Panels, etc.
  • Security / Surveillance Cabinets: Security Components, Electrical Cabinets, Precision Sheet Metal, etc.
  • Appliances: Large Volume OEM Parts, Handles, Fuse Covers, etc.

10 Great Reasons For Powder Coating

  • Highly chip and scratch resistant.
  • Excellent chemical, petroleum and salt resistance.
  • The ability to apply a thick, even coating without drips or sags.
  • Premium insulating qualities, both electrical and thermal (removes cold metal feeling).
  • Decorative finishes (eg. Hammertone, Antique, Sandtex, Textured) applied in one application.
  • Excellent fade resistance to ultraviolet light, reduces fading (polyester & polyurethane).
  • The ability to encapsulate products, wrap around corners and help eliminate sharp edges.
  • High quality, one coat coverage with no primer necessary.
  • Can resist abuse in low and high temperature variances.
  • Virtually unlimited number of colours and wide variety of finishes available.