Powder coating can be applied to almost any metal item that can withstand the typical curing conditions of 180 to 220 C degrees for ten to twenty minutes - depending on the substrate, and can fit through our full powder coating system.

computer box

Computer Cabinet with customized masking

computer box

Computer Chassis with customized masking
including threaded pem nuts

computer box

Electronic Component Chassis with
customized masking including threaded pem nuts

rod holder

Grab Bar zinc die cast mounting end cap

window latch

Window zinc die cast locking latch

Wheel Chair Lift Piece

Handicap Railing zinc die cast insert

fan box

Computer Fan motor cover

motor housing

Forged Metal motor housing

computer box

Electronic Security chassis with silk screening

switch panel

Switch cover panel

hot water knob

Watering Hose Handle

switch for remote car mirrors

Remote Switch and Remote Mirror Lever
with customized masking

computer bracket

Computer locking handle

computer bracket

Miscellaneous Computer brackets

Debit Card Holder

Debit Card Reader Bracket


After Market tail gate anti theft locking device

hospital equipment

Hospital Equipment


Steel Doors


Stripped and refinished automotive rims

patio furniture

Patio Furniture



Go cart

Go Cart Components Rims/Fenders/Roll Bars etc.

chess piece

Custom Machined Chess Piece


Custom made gates and fencing, straight lengths
only, size limited to 42" high x 96" long

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